Preparing for your summer internship or vacation job

Exams are nearly over, it’s time to celebrate and look forward to summer.iStock_000018416955Medium Girl ticking checklist

Many of you will have something lined up for summer, an internship, work experience, volunteering, a vacation job or a working holiday perhaps?

Before you head off to meet the challenge there a few things you can do to be prepared.

  1. Have you got the right outfits? Do you know what your dress code will be? Ask around and check you have a few outfits to get started.
  2. Do you have all your paperwork, passport or other ID, visa etc to start work. Ask HR what you will need on day one to get you on payroll!
  3. Do you know how to get there? Nothing worse than turning up late on your first day.
  4. Have you got a bus or train pass? Advance ticketing may be a cheaper option.  If you are driving will you have a parking pass?

While you are there

  1. Get stuck in – it’s only for a short period so be enthusiastic, make the most of opportunities to learn a new skill or make a difference.
  2. Be professional – even if things are not exactly the way you might have hoped this is an opportunity to learn something and get a reference – so be nice!
  3. If you have had a particularly good (or bad) day – reflect a little – what went well or badly, what were your actions, how did you contribute? What would you do differently in future?
    1. The good stuff you will put on your CV.
    2. Store the reflections of what didn’t go well and learn from it, sometimes you can be asked about these examples too and they can be a great way to show you have learned to adapt your behaviour or strategies.
  4. Think about the future, would you like to work here again?
    1. If yes: find out about opportunities for graduate roles
    2. If no: are there other roles or opportunities you could find out about before you leave. Simply talking to people about their jobs can help you decide what direction you want to take.

Make a note

  1. Skills you gained or improved (it’s easy to forget what you did)
  2. Actions you took that made a difference (evidence for your CV)
  3. What you liked or didn’t like. (So you can make informed choices next time)
  4. Contact details of managers and people you worked with. Not just for references,  link with them on LinkedIn and be part of their community so you get the insider info!

Good luck and enjoy it.

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