LinkedIn: Use Alumni Search to get Career Insights from other Manchester Graduates

Manchester University has one of the largest Alumni populations on LinkedIn, and you can search the profiles of our Alumni (and current students on LinkedIn) to find out what people who did your course went on to do next, or just for career inspiration.  Here’s how…

  • Search for “The University of Manchester” in the main search field, and then follow the “See Alumni” link from the home page
  • You can search Alumni profiles using the following criteria:
    1. Search the set of Alumni profiles using a keyword
    2. Search for profiles between specific dates (attended or graduated)
    3. You can also search depending on where they live, work, what they do, what they studied and what they are skilled in (the last two can be viewed using the Previous/Next buttons)
    4. You can also click on the individual bars to filter the results
    5. You can also search for Alumni who attended different universities e.g. find out where that Masters course you’ve got your eye really could lead to, by looking at profiles of people who’ve done it!


Using the Career Insights tool you could explore…

  • What previous people from your own course went on to do after they graduated
  • What people who studied a course you are considering went on to do after it – is it right for you?
  • Where Manchester alumni work and for whom
  • What work experience or activities they did as a student – what do you need to do now if you are aiming to work in the same area?
  • What groups are they members of? Which organisations are they following?

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