33Sixty-Commonwealth Young Leaders

To rewrite Steve Jobs’ quote ‘Great things in the world are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.’ I had the opportunity to participate in the leadership programme- 33Sixty, alongside 99 aspiring young leaders across the Commonwealth, spreading from the rich diversity of South Africa and New Zealand, and, to the passion of Jamaica and Scotland. Each representative gathered into one room for a common purpose, a common wealth of knowledge, skills and experiences. It was no longer about where people had originated, it was about creating change, and a better future for our generation to live upon for many.


Which leads to the question; what is 33Sixty? It is a branch of the programmes that Common Purpose facilitates enabling participants to engage in furthering their leadership and cultural development. This year’s workshop was based in Glasgow and was kindly sponsored by the Scottish Government and Legacy 2014 with welcoming support from the University of Strathclyde. I made my journey to Scotland to be involved in this fantastic opportunity between the 11th and 14th of April.

jack 33-sixty 1

Unfortunately for the first three days I had been struck with the flu, therefore my engagement was limited and little opportunity to partake in any of the workshops and listen to guest speakers from a range of organisations and sectors. These activities gave the foundation for the project work. We then joined our respective teams and worked on our project until the final day of the programme where we then gave our pitch to a panel of judges.


When the final day came round I was excited to work with my team on an exciting initiative that could be endorsed. Before each pitch there was some nerves and tension but we remained calm and the pitch went well. We as a team had received positive feedback about our pitch which in turn lifted our spirits as we entered an important evening.


At dusk, we young ambitious leaders had the chance to greet senior leaders from far and wide around the Commonwealth. There was the chance to network and feast on a buffet… my ideal setting to showcase my passions and strengths to the world. After concluding this programme, I have imported a new sense of the Commonwealth and making an everlasting difference in the world that I will live in.


To bring to a close, I would like to thank all the staff at the University of Manchester, in particular Noeleen Hammond Jones, one of the careers advisors. Who had strongly encouraged me to get involved in this programme and break down ceilings, understanding that anything is possible! So thank you Noeleen. I was also fortunate to be supported by the team at the British Red Cross who trusted me to pursue this and I take great pride that I am representing a fantastic organisation.  I thank all the team at 33Sixtty, in addition to their sponsors, partners and supports  as they all contributed to a fantastic 4 days. My final remarks are that as one, we can achieve greatness, ‘If many can help one, one can build a generation for many’.


Thank you and yours sincerely.
Jack Milne

MSc Business Analysis and Strategic Management, University of Manchester

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