Using Our Services While You’re Still Here

If you plan your time wisely over the next few weeks, you’ll still be able to fit giving your future a little consideration around your remaining lectures, deadlines and exams.

I graduated last summer and by planning out my weeks during my final year and timetabling in when I would tackle essays or revise for exams, I managed to squeeze an hour or two of job hunting into each week. This meant that I’d already been offered a full-time graduate job before I attended my graduation ceremony in July.

What could you do before summer comes?

Well firstly you could find time to complete our three essential actions for first years or mid-degree students, if you haven’t already.

If you want to explore your options a bit more – Read about different job sectors on our website to see what sort of work might interest you. No idea at all what you want to do? Use our tips to help yourself get started.

If you’re looking for some work experience or a part-time job for the summerSearch vacancies on CareersLink or use this “5 Minute Fix” to help you.

If you’re already applying for jobs/internships or have interviews coming upBrush up your CV, get tips on applying and find advice on how to prepare for interviews with our resources. (Read about my very recent interview experiences here!)

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