5 Minute Fixes: Get feedback from other people

We know it’s hard to find time to think about the future when you’re so busy dealing with weekly readings, imminent essay deadlines and the like, so we’ve come up with five “5 Minute Fixes” that you can easily fit into your day to help you start thinking about life after uni.

5 Minute Fixes: Get feedback from other people 

It can be a struggle to view yourself objectively as you try to work out what you’d like to do after university. Try speaking to friends, family and other contacts – they should know what you’re good at to help you narrow down your options, and could recommend careers that they think might suit you. They might also be able to tell you about jobs and sectors they are familiar with, and about the work that their colleagues and friends do.

iStock_000008140633Medium NetworkingTake advantage of opportunities to chat to employers at events held throughout the academic year. Develop an elevator pitch and introduce yourself to someone new. They might be able to help you make connections that could land you a job you’ll enjoy, or offer fresh insights and feedback on your career options.

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