5 Minute Fixes: Explore what others have done

We know it’s hard to find time to think about the future when you’re so busy dealing with weekly readings, imminent essay deadlines and the like, so we’ve come up with five “5 Minute Fixes” that you can easily fit into your day to help you start thinking about life after uni.

5 Minute Fixes: Explore what others have done

A quick way to figure out what sort of things you might like to do is by hearing about what others have done.

Not long ago, we caught up with recent University of Manchester graduates to find out about their current jobs and how they got where they are. Want to know how an Electrical and Electronic Engineering student became a Network Producer with Key103? Or hear about the experiences of a graduate who set up their own business? Have a watch of some of the videos and get inspired.

You can also explore career videos on icould.com, where people from all walks of life share an inside view of their current job and reveal how they got there. You can search by degree subject, job type, and “life decision” (other issues and interests that can shape your career).

LinkedIn is great for this too – search for people doing your dream job and look at their profile to find out how they got to where they are. Just be sure you’re in complete private mode in your Privacy Settings so people don’t know you’re checking them out!

You could also Google “A day in the life of…” features for even more examples.

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