Welcome Week Intern at The University of Manchester – Amy’s Story

Amy SEIAmy, an International Management student at Manchester, spent the final three weeks of last summer as a Welcome Week Intern for the Alliance Manchester Business School, as part of the Student Experience Internship (SEI) programme.

Amy recently joined us to talk us through various aspects of her SEI 2015 experience…


I applied to do an SEI because not many of the big companies accept first years for internships over the summer, whereas the SEI I applied for specifically wanted first year applicants. Ultimately, I applied as I knew it would help me gain relevant work experience.

Interview experiences…

I applied for the role by filling in an application form and then was invited to attend an interview. It was a panel interview with three staff members working in Undergraduate services at the business school. Although I hated the interview as I was very nervous, I’m glad there was an interview stage as I have never been in a formal interview before, and it’s nice now to have an experience to relate too – especially because it went well!

First few days…

The first few days we were introduced to everyone in the office and wider colleagues within the school. It was also where I met the other intern I worked with throughout the whole SEI and it was genuinely really nice having a fellow AMBS student to work with throughout. Admittedly though during the first few days I found it quite tiring working full time, as we were kept busy with tasks including designing posters and making tickets for the welcome week bus tour.

Main projects/tasks…

We basically helped with any tasks Undergraduate services had to complete in the run up to Welcome Week and also during the week itself. In the run up there were a lot of admin tasks as well as design tasks like making leaflets, posters and tickets. In Welcome Week itself we attended the activities the school put on including a talk with alumni, setting up for a drinks reception and going on a bus tour.

Favourite memories…

There was a party at the end of Welcome Week on the final day of the internship which all the staff and fresher’s attended. It was nice to know that the week had gone smoothly and to relax as the three weeks were now over!

Moving into second year – how has it helped?

SEIblog2My SEI experience will definitely help me when it comes to apply for other internships as I now have relevant office work related experience. It also made me realise I like designing things so I now try and be a lot more creative within the society work I do, often volunteering to design graphics. It’s an experience I would advise everyone to apply for; you gain valuable skills and get the chance to see a different perspective of the University as you see what it’s like to be an employee rather than a student!

Has Amy’s words and insight made you think about doing something really productive with your summer this year? If so, the Student Experience Internship 2016 programme will be launching on Monday 1st February. SEI 2016 will offer 8 week, fully paid, internships either within the University or in local charities/not-for-profit organisations.

You can see how numerous other undergraduate students benefitted from last year’s programme by checking out the website – Student Experience Internship (SEI) programme.

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