Get sustainability and social responsibility experiences on campus

Green-ImpactlogoDo you care about the environment, sustainability or social responsibility? The University is working to make a difference and you can get involved and help your career prospects at the same time!

How will this help your career?

  1. Develop your skills.  See specific examples below.
  2. Sustainability and social responsibility are priorities for many organisations and employers in all sectors and are likely to become even more important in the future. If you can demonstrate an interest you can use this as evidence for why you want to work for a particular organisation.
  3. If you’re interested in a career focused on environment and/or CSR it’s especially important to build up as much relevant experience as possible.
    Find out more about careers in Environmental Management and Conservation.
    Find out more about careers involving Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

What opportunities are there at the University?

  • Become a Green Impact Auditor – Staff teams work to improve the environmental performance of their areas and students auditors independently assess their work so they receive a nationally accredited award. Student auditors receive training
    When: Usually in the autumn, but check the website and Facebook page to keep up to date.
    Benefits to your CV: Experience and evidence of working independently and in groups, communication skills. Experience of working in a CSR/sustainability project.
  • Become a Green Impact Project Assistant – Work with a staff team and make an active contribution.
    When: All year round, this is a longer-term commitment than auditing.
    Benefits to your CV: Experience and evidence of project management, team working and other skills depending on how you contribute (e.g. art/design, event management, writing, marketing etc.)
  • Join the SU Environmental and Ethics group – Contribute to University and Union policy and campaigns.
    When: All year round.
    Benefits to your CV: Experience and evidence of team working, negotiation, persuasion, marketing and possibly event/project management and creative skills depending on the campaigns.
  • Become a Halls Environment Rep – Organise events to raise environmental awareness.
    When: All year round.
    Benefits to your CV: Experience and evidence of working independently and in groups, event/project management, creativity, marketing. You could also choose to arrange activities around your own skills and passions.
  • Intern – Take a short placement in the Environmental Sustainability Team.
    When: Occasional.
    Benefits to your CV: Valuable relevant work experience for CSR/Environment related careers.

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