Beat those January blues

Blue Monday, freezing temperatures, dark nights, post-Christmas bank balances and new diet and fitness regimes are just some of the reasons January can feel like the most depressing month of the year. Add to that the recent loss of Starman David Bowie and Professor Alan ‘Snape’ Rickman makes the start of 2016 seem even worse. Start new job

It might be difficult but try to look on the bright side –  things can only get better, and if you are looking for a full time graduate job things can get better right now! I’ve been having a little snoop in CareersLink and spotted that a number of the full-time vacancies being advertised have an immediate start date.

Immediate start vacancies listed on CareersLink

  • Strategy and Consulting Graduate Programme 2015 Vacancy ID 46475
  • Sales and Marketing Executive – Vacancy ID 49951
  • Junior Web Developer – Vacancy ID 49990
  • Design Assistant Internship – Vacancy ID 50122
  • Software Engineer – Vacancy ID 48699
  • Graduate Building Surveyor – Vacancy ID 45448
  • Graduate Trainee Recruitment Consultant – Vacancy ID 50162
  • Trainee Patent Attorney – Vacancy ID 49083
  • Staff Nurse – Vacancy ID 49472
  • Personal Travel Specialist – Vacancy ID 49475
  • Polymer Material & Process Technologist – Vacancy ID 50224
  • Forensic Cyber Security Expert – Vacancy ID 50205
  • Content & Communications Coordinator – Vacancy ID 50177
  • Legal Administration Assistant – Vacancy ID 50135
  • Trainee Research Executive – Vacancy ID 48473

These are just a sample of the immediate start vacancies currently being listed on CareersLink. To search them all just login. Pleas note that CareersLink is a live vacancy system so some of the opportunities listed above may have expired by the time you look.

Other sources of immediate start vacanciess

  • Manchester Graduate Internship Programme (MGIP) – If you graduated from the University of Manchester in 2015 you can also find out about the immediate start opportunities you’ll be able to eligible to apply to through our exclusive internship programme. CareersLink is the place to look.
  • Graduate Schemes – If you are interested in working for specific graduate employers its worth checking their websites directly and some may still be trying to fill their 2015 scheme vacancies. Don’t forget that as a recent graduate you should still be eligible to apply for Schemes starting in Autumn 2016. You can search for these application deadlines here.
  • Ad-hoc vacancies – Formal graduate schemes only make up a small proportion of the total number of opportunities that exist.  The majority of graduates find work in smaller to medium sized companies (often  refereed to as SMEs) who instead of advertising annually for a new cohort of graduates advertise as and when a role becomes vacant, which can obviously happen any time of the  year. Along with CareersLink   you can use the local press as well as industry specific journals and vacancy portals to find these opportunities.

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