Myth #6: Postgraduates have to work in academia.

RGB_UOM_CAREERS_LOCK_UPS_THE_ACADEMIC-01As we said to archaeology students who want to be archaeologists (Myth #2), if you’re undertaking a Masters or PhD with every intention of working as an academic, then absolutely go for it. But if you’re becoming a bit disenchanted with research then there’s no reason your postgraduate degree can’t take you down other avenues.

Your first step is to make yourself aware of all the opportunities available to you. Your School should be able to tell you the kinds of work that postgraduates in your programme have previously gone on to. Often postgrads go on to work for companies related to their research, but this isn’t always the case.

Familiarise yourself with the different job sectors and roles out there. Study vacancies outside of academia, see what appeals and work out what you need to do during the rest of your time at university to make certain opportunities accessible. We also have advice about where to look for ideas on our website. If you’re a PhD, look out for our 10th Anniversary Pathways event on 10th June 2016 – details to come on our website soon.

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