Myth #2: Your degree dictates your career.

iStock_000003134043Small DirectionsIf you’re studying archaeology and you want to be an archaeologist, then absolutely go for it. Sometimes your degree subject will lead directly into what you want to do after university. But if you’re a History student sick of being told you’ll be a teacher, a Law student who isn’t a budding barrister, or a sciences student wanting out of the labs, then your degree doesn’t set a limit on what you can do after graduation.

Ask the (adultier) adults you know – and that includes Careers Consultants – if they’ve ended up doing what their student-selves thought they would be doing. It’s highly likely they’ll say “no” but equally likely that they all enjoy what they do now. Doing something you like (or even love) is far better than pigeon-holing yourself into a job that directly relates to your degree. As long as you try new things, develop your skills, and get some work experience, your degree could take you anywhere.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering graduate James Robinson turned down a more ‘obvious’ graduate job with Sellafield Nuclear Power Plant to pursue his passion for radio and now works as a Network Producer for two Key103 radio shows, as he talks about in this video.

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