Recorded or videoed interviews – Tips and advice for preparing.

skype Interview catTelephone interviews have been popular with recruiters for many years now as a cheap way to speak to lots of candidates.

Skype interviews started a few years ago and seem to be neither increasing or decreasing – it’s possible that problems with the reliability of the technology could be making recruiters think about different methods…

This brings us to the recorded or videoed interviews.

They take a number of formats.

  • You may have time to prepare for the question – or not.
  • You may have limited time for your answer – or not.
  • You may be able to re-record your answer – or not.

The benefit to the employer is they can watch and evaluate candidates individual responses and really compare how you measure up.  You can also be evaluated by more than one person. (This sounds scary but don’t be put off)

The benefit to you is you don’t have to find the cash for trains, and the time to travel!

So how to prepare?

99% of your preparation is exactly the same as for any other interview

  • Research the organisation and the job role – consider commercial aspects, where do they fit in the market? What are their unique selling points?
  • Reflect on your motivation for applying – why did you chose them? Why did you choose that job?
  • Find out what skills, attitudes and knowledge they are looking for. Consider what examples you will give of having used these skills
  • Think about your strengths & weaknesses – what will you say if asked strength based questions?
  • Prepare for that tricky tell us about yourself question!
  • What if they ask you about your opinion on recent events pertaining to the industry?

Much of this research you will already have done for the application!

Read our guide and watch the videos

The other 1% is …

  • You need a computer with a webcam to do this on obviously!
  • They can see you so you still need to dress smartly.
  • They can see what’s behind you remove distracting posters on your walls.
  • They need to hear YOU and not your noisy flatmates.
  • If you have a limited time to give your answer – what will you say in 1 minute? What does that actually feel like? Practice giving a structured answer to a simple question and see how long it actually takes. Record yourself and see!

Remember in a face to face interview you don’t have time to prepare your answers or have a do over – so this is not all bad!



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