Ready to travel the world with your career?


If you’re determined to travel the world with your job, did you know that a small number of sought-after graduate schemes allow you to experience international placements as part of your initial training. Some go further and are the springboard for a future career traveling the globe.

Yes, they’re competitive, some have challenging entry requirements (language capability, Masters, experience of living outside your home country) – but think of the rewards.

All packed and ready to go?
Here’s our list of some of the schemes we’ve found – many are general management schemes, so don’t limit yourself by the type of industry/sector.

Some of these schemes have odd, short opening times, so check them out as soon as you can – you’ll need to be ready as soon as they open for applications.

Not looking for a job this year?
Tip: If you’re in the early years of a degree, it’s definitely worth looking at this sort of scheme a year or more before your want to get a job, so you’re well prepared.

Transport / Logistics sector / Commodities

Travel / Hospitality sector

Finance / Insurance / Professional Services sector

Industry / Technology sector

Consumer products / Food / Alcohol sector

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