Masters – hurtling towards the finish line…

Everyone’s welcoming the new postgrads and undergrads – but we haven’t forgotten that our 2014/15 Masters are still here, running full-tilt towards graduation.

If you’re in that category and don’t yet have something lined up for when you finish, here are our “just in time” tips for finding a job:

Looking in the UK? Don’t restrict yourself to ads asking for a Masters.
In the UK, few recruiters specify they need a Masters, apart from in a small number of specialist areas. Most are very happy to receive applications from Masters but don’t want to exclude good graduates or those with experience.

Looking elsewhere in Europe? Masters entry is often the norm.
The ads we receive which do need a Masters are often for fast track management programmes for employers headquartered elsewhere in Europe. UK students can apply, but you’ll probably need at least one other European language in addition to English. Our EU students should have no problem there! International students? You’ll need to check visa requirements, as in the UK.

Looking “back home” for non-UK Masters? Use contacts as well as ads.
(frankly, this holds true for any Masters looking for a job, anywhere!
Now’s the time to get your LinkedIn profile up to scratch, get back in touch with all your family and friends, update your status online with details of the type of opportunity you’re hoping for – that’s how you get the lucky breaks. “GoinGlobal”, which you can access through CareersLink, has information on professional networks for over 40 countries – tap into local networks to find jobs which are never advertised.

Looking for job ads suitable for a new Masters?
These are our three best starting points, particularly if you’re fairly early on in your career:

  • CareersLink – our database of job ads, events and organisations for people targeting University of Manchester students, graduates and postgraduates. There are over 700 ads for full-time jobs or graduate level internships on CareersLink at the moment. Some of these are for jobs which will start next autumn, but some are for immediate start. Try sorting them by CareersLink expiry date (descending) – it’s not foolproof, but the ads which close very soon are more likely to be for immediate hire.


  • Graduate JobSearch – we’ve put together over 200 live job searches from across the web, suitable for recent graduates, in 18 different job areas. Where possible, they’re also mobile-friendly, so you can browse on the bus on your phone.


  • Our own country pages – job hunting sources, networks and advice for searching for jobs “back home” or around the world.

Finally, don’t miss out on all the recruitment events happening this autumn – but do be aware that most of them are aimed at jobs or postgraduate courses which are due to start in Autumn 2016!

Student appointments are at a premium at the moment (got ~15,000 students all looking for a job!) so if you’re struggling to get help, just ask a question through commenting on here, or talk to Darcey or me on Twitter @ManPGCareers

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