Police now! The new way to join the police force.

police blogMy name is Michael and I work as an Employability Executive for The Careers Service. I visit companies to hear about job opportunities they wish to promote to University of Manchester graduates.

I was recently invited by the Metropolitan Police to visit Scotland Yard, to find out more about Police Now, the Met’s answer to Teach First. 

 So what is Police Now?

In short, The Police Now Leadership Development Programme is a two-year graduate scheme which aims to attract graduates who wouldn’t otherwise have thought about joining the police. http://www.policenow.org.uk/

Police Now, initially proposed by front line police officers, provides everything that just about every highly-respected graduate scheme does:

  • An intense training period(s).
  •  Mentoring and support.
  • An arena to both hone and develop key skills.
  • The chance to prove your capabilities.

You can find out more about the exact timeline of the scheme here – http://www.policenow.org.uk/the-programme.html

Looks interesting? But is it really for me?

An aspect of the scheme is that it aims to dismiss assertions that to join the force you must be from a certain background…‘it’s critical that our workforce understands and reflects the diversity of individuals across London’s communities. That’s why we’re always looking to recruit the right people from every background and walk of life.’

Additionally, you don’t have to have studied Law or Criminology; you just need to be enthusiastic about modern day policing. They want critical thinkers, the ability to communicate effectively, strong negotiation skills and leadership characteristics.

Just how challenging might it be?

It certainly won’t be easy; London today represents an ever evolving policing challenge. You’ll ultimately but responsible for an entire London Ward, tackling both prominent offenders and crime hotspots. Full training is of course provided, and you’ll be in receipt of an experienced support network.

With great challenge brings great rewards…

It does just that, yes – you must have the right skill-set to investigate a sexual assault on a young person…but the role offers you the opportunity to improve the lives of so many people on a daily basis. Check out this video for an in-situ idea of what the programme involves – http://www.policenow.org.uk/about-police-now.html


Applications are due to open on the 7th October until the 9th November.

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