Where are all the part time jobs on campus?

iStock_000011817723XSmall CommunicationThe good news: There are jobs available for students on campus.

The bad news: There aren’t 38,000 of these jobs so there won’t be enough to go round.

Most jobs at the University are advertised on https://www.jobs.manchester.ac.uk/ by the Central HR team not Careers.

As you will see they range from:

  • Academic – Professorships and lectureships
  • Management and professional – Specialist administrative and management jobs
  • Research – Research associates, fellows and assistants
  • Secretarial and clerical – Administration staff, including assistants, secretaries and receptionists
  • Technical and computing – Technicians, programmers, IT officers and IT support
  • General – Gardeners and ground staff, security, caretakers, porters, cleaners, catering staff etc
  1. Most will not be part time or not part time enough for students – usually less than 15 hours a week.
  2. Most require experience or qualifications in a relevant area.

That said if you see one and it fits your needs – PLEASE APPLY!

OK so where are the student jobs on campus?


…….and all the jobs we don’t hear about (because they don’t need to advertise them)

  • Jobs in the shops and bars on campus.
  • One off jobs in your School, could be helping on open days or doing some admin.
  • Jobs in the library
  • Tutors in Halls of residence. (usually Postgrads, you don’t get paid cash but its free accommodation)
  • Teaching assistants (usually for PhD students)

Just go and ask!  Follow us on Twitter and when we see something we will tweet it.

What about jobs near campus?

Much more likely…. the further you go away from student areas the less competition you will find.  Consider city centre plus the suburbs, Didsbury, Withington, Stretford, Sale, Trafford Centre, Salford, etc

Check out our guide for places to look, how not to get caught out by scams and info on how to get your NI number.

Top tips for Part time job applications

Just because its a part time job doesn’t mean that its not important to the employer to get the right person.

  1. If you are taking your CV round or making enquiries in person look presentable. Think about how people in that store dress and wear something appropriate or at least semi smart. You may well be talking to your new boss or someone who will be asked to comment on what you were like. So be polite, positive and presentable!
  2. Think about the role carefully and make a good tailored application.  Not sure how – read our guides or come and talk to us.


If you know of a reliable source of part time jobs on campus, or have jobs to advertise – please leave a comment.

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