Changes to visa regulations what it means for university students!

So there has been much panic and misrepresentation of the recent changes to visa’s for students. I have been heavily involved in pre-departure webinars at The University of Manchester and there is a reoccurring theme in the questions I ma being asked by new undergraduate students coming to study here next month.

Can I work in the UK while I study at University?

The answer is YES YOU CAN! If you have applied to study a degree or postgraduate course at a University in the United Kingdom then under your Tier 4 visa you can work in the UK while you study for up to 20 hours a week. Some visa’s may have different stipulations on them depending on your country of origin so check your visa paperwork carefully when you receive it to understand how many hours a week you can work.

The main changes that have come into effect for Tier 4 visa’s relates to students at publicly funded colleges. What this means in the UK is that students under a tier 4 visa studying at a publicly funded college (not university) can’t work during their studies.

In the UK the term “College” relates to the institution you attend prior to going to University to study A Levels or to study a vocational apprenticeship or course. (Some colleges have partnerships with universities and if you have applied to do a degree in a college partnered with a university contact their visa team for advice.) 

If you still have questions see an immigration lawyer. For more information see our webpages and understand how to make the most of your time in Manchester

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