University 101: Starting Uni this year – things you need to know

Welcome_Going to University is a unique experience and we hope you enjoy it.  It can be a little bewildering when you first start, meeting new people, settling into a new home and a new city plus getting to grips with your studies. It’s easy to get swept away on a tide of new experiences and before you know it you are graduating and looking for a job.  Woah…. crazy right?

A few things you need to know now to help you plan ahead…

  1. The good news is there are currently lots of graduate level jobs 🙂 There are also a lot of graduates so you need to stand out!
  2. Some jobs you need a relevant degree, others will take any degree, but either way they will want a range of skills. Even a first class degree cannot always make up for having little or no experience.
  3. Yes, employers will train you but they expect you to have developed some skills along the way.

Use your time at university well. This is how you will gain the skills employers want proof of!

Before you arrive:  investigate:

  1. How can you get a part time job?
  2. Can you volunteer?
  3. Can you get involved with sports, societies or other extra curricular activities?
  4. What support can you access – Careers, money advice, welfare advice etc? It’s not just for when things go wrong, it’s to get ahead of the game to make things go better!

Freshers / welcome week

There will be fairs & tours and people all over the campus trying to get your attention. It can be overwhelming, so focus on what you need to find out. Then go and have some fun.

Weeks 1-4

  • Get settled in, work out your timetable and consider your committments so far.
  • Start thinking ahead – future proof yourself.

You may or many not have a clue what you want to do after University, but don’t put off thinking about it.

You might decide you want to go into a job where the main method of recruitment is via internships in your 2nd year.  To get one of these you need experience in your first year.  Even if you change your mind the experience will be valuable so get it anyway!

So in First year do some of these:

Whichever University you choose there are people to support you and help you make the right choice for you. Visit your careers team and have a chat.

 Oh yes and if you are coming to Manchester – invest in an umbrella and some wellies (only partly joking!)



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