Accessing CareersLink as a graduate

Firstly from all of us  here at the Careers Service a massive congratulations to everyone graduating over the next two weeks– you should all be really proud of yourself so enjoy the day (even if it does rain!)

The University is currently in the process of turning all your accounts from student to alumni and in the process deactivating your IT account. Although this means you won’t have access to computers on campus or your student email address it won’t stop you from being able to access CareersLink. Having said this there are a couple of thing you may need to do to ensure you can access your CareersLink account as a graduate.CareerLink_sm

Step 1 – Update your contact email

As I said your student email will shortly be turned off so you’ll need to use another email account to access CareersLink. It you have already updated your email through My Manchester or directly with us that’s great you can move onto step 2.

If you haven’t let us know what email account you would now to use to access CareersLink by contacting us at In the email be sure to include your name, ID number and new email address.

Step 2 – Reset you CareersLink password

Before accessing CareersLink as graduate for the first time you’ll need to reset your password . This will send an automatically generated password to your updated email account. Use this password along with your username to login to CareersLink as a graduate  for the first time. Once you have logged in for the first time you’ll be able to change your password to something more memorable under the ‘My Profile’ tab.

If you need a reminder of your username email (please ensure you answer all of the prompted questions)

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