Pathways 2015…what next?

It’s the morning after…my first Pathways – and what a great introduction to this event. The panellists were informative, inspiring and full of good advice. As ever, meeting research students and staff is interesting, thought provoking and fun. So much so, we’re offering 3 workshop to keep the conversations going.

Workshop 1 (face-to-face)
18th June, 2015

Who are you and what do you want?

This workshop is aimed at PhDs and research staff who have not had time or opportunity to reflect on: Workshop 1

• The skills, experience and qualities they can offer employers
• What they are looking for in a job
• How their values, interests and lifestyle choices influence available opportunities

The session will provide time and space to consider what you have to offer and what you might want in more depth, discuss your ideas with peers and benefit from their insight, as well as introduce reflective resources and tools that you can use now – and wherever your career pathway takes you.

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Workshop 2 (webinar)
24th June, 2015

Job hunting strategies

Google ‘jobs for people with PhDs’ and you get 110 000 000 results in 0.45 seconds. There are job sites like Indeed, Guardian jobs,, There are recruitment consultants. You could send out speculative applications. And what about Linkedin?

The possibilities can be overwhelming. This post-Pathways webinar will help you learn to manage your job search productively by examining the importance of having a job-hunting strategy, as well as practical steps to take to develop your own.

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Workshop 3 (face-to-face)
1st July, 2015

Marketing yourself effectively Workshop3

From the career stories at Pathways, you can see that PhDs and research staff have an enormous range of skills and experience that is highly valued by employers in a range of sectors. It’s important that you interpret what you have to offer so that your audience – the employer – can easily understand how your academic experience translates into real value for their organisation.

This last of the post-Pathways workshops will use practical exercises and activities to make sure you are able to market yourself effectively in the recruitment and selection process.

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