Could you be one of a Hundred Young Talents at Guangdong University of Technology?

UPDATE: Although registration for the main Pathways event is now closed, if you would like to attend the Guangdong University of Technology presentation, please register online. The presentation is 12 noon in Room C9 of the Renold Building.

On Thursday, June 4th at 12:00 pm as part of Pathways, Professors Bao Hong and Liu Yijun of the Guangdong University of Technology will be hosting a panel for Chinese PhD students and post-docs interested in the Associate Professor opportunities they have through their One Hundred Young Talents programme.  The linked PDF describing the programme has a list of areas of research interests – and as you will see they are many and varied!  The PDF also contains details of salary and other useful information.  What better way to make things happen than by coming to talk to people who are interested in recruiting you?

The Professors will also be on hand later in the afternoon, taking part in the What do employers/recruiters look for in PhD applicants? session.

Make things happen

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