Three quick tips to spruce up your LinkedIn profile

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  1. Customise your public URL

When you set up a profile on LinkedIn, the default URL you get is a not so readable mix of your name and what looks like random numbers and letters: eg. Joebloggs/35/777/25a. So how can you change it?

  1. Go to your Profile
  2. Hover on your given URL
  3. Click on icon next to your URL that reads “update your public profile settings”
  4. A box entitled “Your public profile URL” will open on the right hand side
  5. Click on pencil icon next to your URL to edit
  6. Write your chosen URL

Vanity URL










The customised URL is available on a first come first served basis so it is possible that the one with your name is already registered, depending on how common your name is. So what to do if your vanity URL is already taken? Then you can go for a variation. Let’s take Joe Bloggs as an example. Ideally he would have If already taken, then the following variations also work well:

  • Firstname- surname- city you work in- eg. joebloggsmanchester
  • Firstname- middle initial/name- surname- eg. joembloggs

 What are the advantages of having a customised profile link on LinkedIn? Well, it is easier to remember and it will look more professional on your email signature, business card or CV.


  1. How to insert bullet points in your profile

Bullet points are a great way to organise information in your LinkedIn profile. It makes it more readable. However, LinkedIn doesn’t offer a “insert symbol” tool. In order to insert a bullet point in your LinkedIn profile, type  bullet point where you want it to appear.  Please see the example below:


Once you save your changes the code will become a bullet point.

  1. Use the upload feature to showcase your work

You can enhance your LinkedIn profile by adding media showcasing your work. This feature is of obvious use if you are a creative person or want to work in a creative industry but the creative types are not the only ones who can benefit from this. For example, you can upload presentations (eg. PowerPoint) or photos of your volunteering activities.

LinkedIn has an “Add Media” button in most sections of your profile which makes it easy to display images, videos, etc.

add media button

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