International jobs on CareersLink

You may be at a stage where you are panicking about your career, but don’t worry there are still plenty of opportunities out there for you to apply to. For those of you interested in staying in the UK, there are opportunities requiring language skills,  but you need to be proactive, flexible and realistic. Understand your market, who is on the sponsor register, visa regulations for you and the employer, minimum salaries to qualify for a visa and most importantly of all why you want to stay in the UK? Is it to broaden your experience? Get international experience in your sector?

These are the questions you need to ask yourself. Is now the right time to get this international experience or is it better to go home and build up your work experience before considering moving internationally with your career. Getting work experience back home can be just as important and valuable for your career.You become a more attractive prospect for employers abroad when you have acquired a number of years work experience in your chosen field. An employer is more inclined to sponsor your visa if you have knowledge and experience to offer their organisation.

To find these opportunities in the UK and overseas CareersLink has a whole host of jobs? These opportunities include internships, part-time work, volunteering opportunities, graduate schemes, full-time jobs in the UK and overseas. There are currently 102 full time roles overseas for students to apply to on CareersLink. To access CareersLink click on the following Link: CareersLink and click Vacancies in the tool bar. Once you have clicked vacancies there is a very simple search engine but you can change this by clicking on “Advanced Search” and increase the number of search fields to include regions and languages required.

In addition to the 102 full time roles overseas there are:

  • 62 internships/student placement opportunities
  • 40 graduate level internships
  • 37 full-time opportunities in the UK and Europe requiring a language ability.

Good luck with your job search and remember you kind find more information and guidance on the International careers pages

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