Looking for work in Manchester

In this article we will be looking at finding part-time jobs, work experience and graduate work in the Manchester area.

Looking for work experience – Internships, summer jobs and volunteering?

Use your CareersLink account – jobs for University of Manchester students & graduatesclinklocalsumjobs

Use the advanced search and select vacancy type = student placement/internship& casual seasonal work & or volunteering plus region = North west England.

If you want to narrow your search to a particular type of work eg, scientific – use the occupational area.

Volunteering: two websites which offer a database of opportunities, searchable by postcode, are:

Internship and summer job searches by region are pretty hard to find, there are a few sites that allow this function but the results are sketchy – many blatantly are not in the NW or just say nationwide so they may or may not have an office in Manchester. At the time of looking this was about the best http://www.e4s.co.uk/search/internship-job-results

Use a general internship or summer job search see if any of the jobs are in Manchester. It may be in the small print or you may have to look on the organisation website to see if they have opportunities or offices locally.

Summer jobs in Manchester are not going to fall into neat categories but there are some things you can consider.

  • Who will need summer staff? Tourist attractions, hotels, summer play schemes, sports facilities catering for school holiday activities?

Looking for graduate work

Graduate internships with MGIP are now open.

The Manchester Graduate internship programme provides paid experience in the Manchester area for up to 1 year. This programme is now open to University of Manchester students who will graduate in 2015.  Keen recruiters are advertising now for jobs starting in summer, the recruitment process is usually much faster than with graduate schemes so you could be interviewed and have a job offer within a few weeks of applying.

(If you are a Masters student completing your studies in September we suggest you look for vacancies from August onwards)

Your CareersLink account – jobs for University of Manchester students & graduates

Use the advanced search and select vacancy type = full-time & graduate internship, plus region = North west England.

If you want to narrow your search to a particular type of work eg, scientific – use the occupational area.


Graduate JobSearch (200+ mobile friendly searches)

Looking for graduate schemes and graduate level jobs in the local area – we suggest these sites  add a geographical location to the search criteria and voila!

Find or make your own opportunity

Use the organisation directory in your CareersLink account – select county = Greater Manchester, you will get all the organisations listed who are registered with us in this area.  Its a very long list – so its probably useful to use the organisation sector to narrow down your options.clinkorgdir

From the results you will see some have a live vacancy with us, the others may be worth researching and making a speculative approach to. You will find their website listed on their company information page.

Google is your friend!

Search for “Manchester companies list” and see what comes up.

Some results will be more reliable than others but sometimes news articles like this one from The MEN about the fastest growing companies can be useful. Why? Because if they are growing fast they may need staff quickly – so a phone call and a nicely tailored CV and cover letter could be successful!

nw200Publications like this – NW top 200 can also be useful ( this one is available in our careers library.)

It lists the fastest growing and highest employing companies.

Finding part-time work

Newspapers are a good way to find part-time work. The Manchester Evening News publishes vacancies on a Thursday and is available free in the city centre on Thursdays and Fridays. Vacancies are available on the Fish4Jobs website. To see part-time vacancies, put ‘part-time’ in the ‘Job Title’ search box:

Shops, Supermarkets, Bars and Restaurants Many local businesses may not advertise jobs with the Careers Service but will put a poster in their window or premises (especially if they are based in busy areas where lots of people pass by). Look around, Oxford Road, Manchester City Centre, Piccadilly Train Station, regional shopping areas like Sale, Didsbury, Chorlton etc. ( the further out you go the less likely you are to be competing with thousands of other students who will have also seen the advertisement.

Larger shopping centres may have their own recruitment websites so you may want to check them out too:

The Arndale Centre The Trafford Centre   Manchester Fort, Cheetham Hill

Jobcentre Plus Government Job Centres advertise part-time and weekend vacancies with a wide range of organisations. The nearest Job Centre for most students is in Rusholme. Visit your local Jobcentre or search vacancies online at the gov.uk website


Be careful of adverts pinned up on bus shelters, lampposts and on some job sites they may be scams – find out more about how to avoid them.












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