Looking for graduate job ads? Start here!

GradJobSearchangleQuick, convenient, hassle-free job-hunting – that’s what you want as a finalist or graduate.

That’s why we’ve created Graduate JobSearch.

In a couple of clicks, you can be looking at real live job ads aimed at new (or soon to be) graduates.

  • It’s mobile friendly, so now you can browse on the bus or click over coffee.
  • It targets jobs suitable for new graduates.
  • Access 200+ targeted job searches or job sites – all from one site.
Graduate JobSearch

Know what you want?
Go directly to job searches for charities, science, media & culture, environment, using languages, engineering, marketing and many more.

Open to anything interesting?
Try our general graduate job searches, or search by jobs in a particular part of the UK.

University of Manchester students and recent graduates
In addition to all these external job sites, login to Careerslink or sign up to the Manchester Graduate Internship Programme for opportunities from employers targeting Manchester students.

Seeing jobs which aren’t suitable for new graduates?
Unfortunately, that’s inevitable! We’ve filtered where we can (by job type, keywords, graduate/entry level, reasonable starting salary etc) but it’s not foolproof.

  • You can always ignore the “featured ads” – paid content, often irrelevant to your search, which appear near the top of the list.
  • The further down the list you go, the less relevant the ads are likely to get with general job search sites.

Important: The University of Manchester cannot control or endorse any of the external adverts you may see. Check out our guide to spotting scam jobs if you have any concerns about an advert.

Not found the type of job you want?
Not all jobs are covered. We’ve targeted the most popular jobs with our finalists and recent graduates.

You can use our targeted searches as a starting point and change the search criteria to see more or fewer jobs – many will let you search by salary, location, function, experience level etc.

Drop us a comment below if you want to:

  • Suggest another type of work we should cover or a really useful search site for graduate jobs.*
  • Report a broken link or inappropriate content in the searches.

Adverts are not the only way of finding a job
Many new graduates find their first job through word of mouth, direct speculative applications or agencies.

Use our guide to Finding graduate jobs for even more ways to find the job you really want.

Let us know what you think – just drop us a comment below.

* Job site owners
Sorry, but we reserve the right to ignore any pleas to link to sites unless we feel they would add something different and would be of real value to our students searching for their first graduate job.

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