One thing I could do NOW to sort out my future

notlisteningWe’re always banging on about things you could do to sort out your career or get a job – but what if there’s just too much “stuff to do”?

How do you pick out the stuff which is important to your future? What should you do first? And what if you don’t know what kind of “career” you want anyway?

Luckily, as a current University of Manchester undergrad, you have exclusive access to

One thing to sort your future out, right now

– or My Future Profiler, to give it its official name.

What is it?

It’s an online questionnaire which takes 10 minutes to complete, and immediately gives you a detailed, personalised report with advice on how to get yourself on track for a great future, including:

  • which areas to focus on first
  • practical things you can do right now, whether you’re in your first year, middle year(s) or final year of your undergraduate degree.

You don’t even have to know which career you want – there’s plenty you can do without having to make that decision.

How can it help me?

  • If you don’t feel you’ve done much yet, it will give you small steps to get you started. (You may be pleasantly surprised that you’re already doing things for which you’re not giving yourself credit.)
  • If you’re already trying to do the right things, it will let you know where you’re doing well and help you with practical ideas to tackle those areas which are a bit tricky or daunting.
  • If you’re ambitious and aiming for the top, it will let you know where you’re already excelling – and give you further suggestions to help you really stand out.

I’m sold – how do I get it?

Just log on to My Manchester and click on the My Future tab – or go directly there (University of Manchester login required).

MyManchesterProfilerOnce you click on the link to My Future Profiler, you’ll get to a separate website where you set up your own confidential account (choose whichever email address you want and your own password – the University doesn’t have access to your details).

ProfilerRegistrationpageOnce you’re in, it only takes 10 minutes to get your own detailed “My Future – Next Steps” report, available online or to download to your own device.

NextStepsReportTip: Save and open in a pdf reader for the best experience, including clickable links for further support.

You can log in to your account to review your report or take the questionnaire again at any time while you’re still an undergraduate at the University of Manchester.

What next?

Set yourself one or two actions to do in the next week. There’s a lot more practical help on how to carry out the suggested actions here.

Then give yourself credit that you’ve already made a difference to your future – and try a couple more actions the following week.

Leave a comment and tell us how you get on – we’d love to know.

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