Postgrad Blog – Rebooted

microphoneOne TWO, one TWO …  is this thing on?

It’s been a long silence, but we’re back, with a great new act about to make her debut on the “Introducing Stage”.

Job changes have sadly left me no time to nurture my beloved postgrad blog, but at last we’ve recruited a fantastic new postgraduate careers consultant, Dr Darcey Gillie, to take over the reins.

She’s as much a fan of using social media and new technologies to talk to postgrads as I am, so she’ll be the one informing and inspiring you about all the amazing futures you could create after your postgraduate programmes (though I reserve the right to dip in & have my say now and again).

Darcey’s an experienced careers consultant, having worked or studied in universities in England, Scotland and the USA, so talk to her, tell her what you want to hear about, & ask her lots of difficult questions (postgrad careers consultants love a challenge)


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