In the saddle and raring to go…

Thanks to Elizabeth for a great introduction to the blog. It’s an honour to be taking over the reins of the Postgraduate Graduate Careers blog from such enthusiastic, experienced and skilful hands.

hands holding reins on horse

This work, “Hands on Reins”, is a derivative of “Creative Commons Reins” by Darcy Moore, used under CC BY. “Hands on Reins” is licensed under CC BY by DFGillie.


New jobs are fun and exciting – and a little bit daunting:  How does one find one’s way around the Stopford Building?, Ah, ‘the baked bean tin’ and University Place are one and the same…, and the Renold Building is farther away from my office than Google maps thinks – most of all when you are doing something you believe in and enjoy. I became a careers consultant because it allowed me to combine all my favourite parts of different jobs into one occupation: working in a university, supporting the personal and professional development of students and colleagues, teaching, research, being enterprising and creative. And, like most jobs that involve ‘work with people’ (more on that thought in an upcoming post), no two days are ever the same. If you’re curious to find out more about my career journey from PhD to careers consultant, feel free to have a look at my LinkedIn profile. What will I be doing for and with you in my new job?

  • facilitating career management workshops for PGRs across the institution
  • one-to-one guidance and interview simulations
  • working with the Postgraduate Careers Manager, Elizabeth Wilkinson, researcher development colleagues and other staff across the university to provide careers and employability support for postgraduates
  • blogging and tweeting news and information relevant to postgraduates
  • updating our web-based resource for postgraduates
  • developing new online careers support for postgraduate
  • researching and disseminating information about the postgraduate labour market, career development and employment opportunities,
  • and, watch this space…

Postgraduate careers consultants do indeed like a challenge, so see what you can rustle up and I’ll be waiting to meet you.

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