How to write a good application for the Manchester Gold mentoring scheme?

Connect to a mentorThe Manchester Gold mentoring scheme is a great opportunity to be matched with a mentor to gain advice and support from someone with experience, insights and hindsight who could already be working in the job you’re aiming for, in an industry area that interests you or has graduated from the same course as you.

As a University of Manchester student, if you are thinking of applying to the spring scheme for the Manchester Gold mentoring scheme then you may want to look at some of the following tips, which could help you consider what to write:

TIP: read through all the required questions and think carefully how best to answer each question, don’t rush your application.

What to include in your application:

  • Be flexible and open-minded about the mentors background & skills
  • Ensure that you check spelling, grammar & get a friend to proof read your final draft as well
  • Information on which careers interest or inspire you
  • Your career goals including alternative options
  • A summary of your skills, knowledge & experience (include examples)
  • Your motivation for wanting a mentor
  • Your hopes you want to realistically achieve by being mentored
  • Your commitment to the scheme (including building a relationship with your mentor)

TIP: Write your answers to each question first in Microsoft Word so that you can get it right before then cutting and pasting into Careerslink

What to avoid doing in your application:

  • Providing limited information or leaving blank spaces/gaps in the application form   – this can show lack of effort
  • Being too specific about a mentor i.e. with what kind of work experience / knowledge your mentor SHOULD have from their experience
  • Errors with spelling, grammar and NOT proof reading before submitting through Careerslink
  • Lack of detail about your work experience and motivation for having a mentor. Your mentor will see the application before saying yes to the match, therefore this will be their first impression of you!
  • Being too specific about what you are hoping to get out of mentoring (i.e. a job/internship)
  • In the examples you give, ensure you back this up with evidence that is specific in saying ‘how’, ‘why’ or ‘what’ etc. Don’t leave the person reading your application with any of these questions so you need to check you have explained your points fully.
  • No one word or short answers. Make sure that you demonstrate clearly your answers to each question fully explaining the points you want to make

When is the deadline and how do I submit applications?

For more information on the Manchester Gold mentoring scheme see the Careers Service website.

Applications open Monday 26th January 2015, and close on Monday 16 February 2015

Information on applying to Manchester Gold on our website including How to apply’ section

TIP: Don’t apply on the deadline day, try and submit your application before to ensure it goes through online and avoid any delays due to IT.

Resources available to support you in making good applications in the Careers Service:

For more information on making applications please see our CV, Cover letter and Application Form guides

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