Job search round 2, all to play for!

snowSo it’s semester 2, you’ve just done exams and all you have to look forward to is snow, sleet, Easter and then more exams. Oh and you really need a job for summer / after you graduate. Can it get more depressing?

Did you apply in semester 1 and got nowhere?  All is not lost.

  • There are still loads of jobs to apply for and some are only just being advertised.  You may even find that some of the big firms whose closing dates have passed reopen later on if they have places left.  Smaller companies will almost definitely recruit later as it takes less time for them.
  • Let’s review your application technique before you send off your next one, maybe you can do a better sales pitch?
  • If you get an interview you must be looking good on paper, so let’s make sure you perform well in person.
  • Get a career mentor in a profession you are interested in and get insights to help you with your applications and interviews.

Only just starting looking for jobs or taking a new direction?

No clue where to start or what you want to do?

No problem come and talk to us

or if you prefer a bit of a DIY approach use our I don’t know what I want to do advice

Keep making the most of Manchester

It’s not too late to improve your CV by volunteering or getting active in a club or society.  Just a couple of extra lines on your CV showing that you give back, interact with others and make a difference can be the difference between you and another candidate.



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