Can I get advice on my CV?

CV This is probably our number one enquiry, and the answer is yes!

This is how the Applications Advice Service works

It covers:

  • CVs, cover letters, personal statements for jobs or courses, and application form questions. We can look at LinkedIn profiles too.

So that we can give you accurate advice we need:

  1. A copy of the job description or advert for the job or course so that we can work with you to match the employers requirements with the content of your CV or application.
  2. If it’s a speculative application for a fair or part time job we will need you to consider what type of role you are applying for and tell us what skills and attributes you think the employers will be looking for.
  3. We need all this on paper so that we and you can write notes on it.

There is no such thing as a general CV.  Every CV should be written for a specific purpose.

What will happen?

  • The adviser will ask you what you are applying for and ask if you have details of the job so that they can start working out what the employer will be looking for on your application.
  • They will look at the presentation of your CV / application – is it the right length, in a clear and sensible format?
  • They will then look at the content and check that it matches what the employer is looking for.
  • They will look to see if you have given good evidence of your skills. Can the reader assess your competence at that task from what you have said?
  • If it is application question or personal statement have you answered the question fully?
  • If you are unclear about what you should be applying for and not sure what roles involve – you may be referred to websites to help you or to a guidance appointment for more assistance.

What won’t happen

  • They won’t write it for you.
  • They won’t correct all your spelling and grammar errors, although they will advise you to look at this further.
  • It’s not a checking service – we can’t ever say it will be perfect and definitely get you a job.

Why is it only 15 minutes?

  • It is for 1 document at a time. If it is a long application form you will be asked to prioritise 1 or 2 questions.
  • If you have followed the guidelines and looked at our examples then your CV or application should be pretty good already.
  • An employer will assess a CV in around a minute. It’s quick to see if it’s good or needs work.
  • The aim of the session is to teach you how to tailor your application or CV. Using an example from your application we can demonstrate how to do this and then you can do it yourself.
  • It’s pretty intense and there will be a lot to take in.
  • If you need a longer session we recommend our workshops that run as events at peak times of year.

Why are there limits on how many I can have?

  1. We need to be fair, so that all students have a chance to use the service.
  2. You need to be able to do this yourself in the future.  The technique we are teaching you can be applied to any application you are making it’s all about understanding what the reader is looking for and providing evidence.  Once you have mastered this you really don’t need us any more!

So if you need some help why not book in

  • Booking is via CareersLink or you can give us a ring.
  • Appointments are made available around 9am one working day in advance, so that we have availability for urgent need.
  • They can book up quickly especially in October and November so check early in the day.

 Not convenient for you?

We also let our consultants out on occasion and they can be found in buildings all over campus. They would love to talk to you about your CV or any other career question you might have.  Find out if they are near you

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