When is the right time to talk to you about your future?

Graduating students tell us … I wish i’d got careers support earlier why did no-one make me! 

Ideally this would be discussed with you before you chose your A-levels, but for most of you that probably never happened.  Did anyone discuss with you which degree or University would be best for you? Or even if a degree was the right path for you? Oops possibly not.

So now you’re at University what next?

Get unpacked, enjoy freshers / welcome week, make some friends and take a breath.  It’s going to get busy!

notlisteningAs a first year:

  • If you don’t join a club or society now there is a good chance you won’t have the time or motivation later. You will make new friends and gain the skills that employers want by getting involved and helping out.  By starting in your first year there is a good chance you will be on the committee by your final year and have great experience on your CV.
  • Get a part time job. Earn money, gain skills, learn what it is like to have to manage your time effectively and understand the work place. Many employers complain students are not work ready so prove them wrong.
  • Take notice of the jobs people do, consider if you might like to do that and use the careers support available to help you.

As a 2nd or pre final year

Catch up on first year if you missed out!

  • Work towards getting a summer internship – you need to be fast if you are interested in some of the larger companies as they tend to open applications in September.  Smaller organisations tend to recruit a bit later in the year.
  • You could volunteer – more flexibility than a job, but great experience. It can be the ONLY way to get some experience.
  • Start planning what you want to do when you leave. Explore and experience as much as you can by attending events and talking to each other, and us if you like 🙂

iStock_000003861564Medium Time panicIn your final year of an undergraduate or postgraduate course

Time to start making applications now for jobs or further study after you graduate.  If that fills you with horror then it’s time to ask for help.

  • It’s not geeky or stupid to use the support and advice around you at the University. Most students won’t own up to being a bit lost, those that do, get help and find their way forward.
  • We won’t make you be an accountant or take the job your parents want you to have. It’s your life, your decisions your future, we are just there to give you a nudge in the right direction if you need it.


The right time?     Now will do just fine!



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