Disappointed that you didn’t get a 2:1?

Careers Consultant Louise has some advice if you didn’t achieve a 2:1….

Disappointed that you didn’t get a 2:1?   When those around you are celebrating their degree success it can be difficult to keep a sense of perspective.   But that’s exactly what you need to do.graduation129

A lower degree result than you had hoped for doesn’t have to be a barrier to career success.  Some job adverts, especially those for graduate recruitment schemes, will specify the need for a 2:2 or 2:1, but many  will focus more attention on relevant skills, work experience and personal qualities.  To find out how to put these across in a CV or application go to http://www.careers.manchester.ac.uk/applicationsinterviews/

If your degree result was affected by ill health or some other extenuating circumstance, consider explaining this in a brief and factual way in your applications.  It’s possible this could make a difference if a higher degree requirement is required, but it will very much depend on what else you have to offer.

If your plans for a particular career or further study have been derailed by your results, arrange an appointment with the Careers Service  We can help you explore your options and consider whether there is an alternative way into your chosen career. You may also find this advice from Target Jobs useful.

Usually, once you’re got started in a career your degree result will no longer matter.  So, dust yourself off and put an action plan in place today!

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