Immediate Start Vacancies

There is no rest for the wicked……Or in this case the graduate!

With your degree certificate safety grasped in your hand it’s now time to enter the big bad world of work (it’s not that bad honest!). To make your transition a little easier I thought I’d highlight some of the immediate start full-time vacancies currently being advertised on Careerslink.

  • Graduate Financial position vacancy ID 33022iStock_000013630859Small Hire me
  • Import & Export Assistant Vacancy ID 33042
  • Audit Assistant Vacancy ID 33043
  • Trade Specialist Vacancy ID 33044
  • International Marketing Assistant Vacancy ID 33047
  • Marketing Executive Vacancy ID 33053
  • Sales Associate Vacancy ID 33066
  • Associate Recruitment Consultant Vacancy ID 33077
  • Commercial Finance Analyst Vacancy ID 33110
  • Marketing & Business Development Manager Vacancy ID 33160
  • Sales & Marketing Executive Vacancy ID 33179
  • Graduate Software Developer Vacancy ID 33160
  • Graduate Engineer Vacancy ID 33007
  • International Analyst Vacancy ID 33017
  • Junior Medical Writer Vacancy ID 33020
  • Graduate Marketing Assistant Vacancy ID 33023
  • Process /Industrial Chemist Vacancy ID 33028
  • Trainee FX Broker Vacancy ID 32830
  • Overseas Media Specialist Vacancy ID 33045
  • Legal & Compliance Assistant Vacancy ID 32879

There are also some immediate start Manchester Graduate Internships currently being advertised on the system…..

  • New Product Assistant MGIP/14/2038
  • Sales Engineer MGIP/14/2039
  • Scientific & Healthcare Research Associate MGIP/14/2014
  • Customer Support Assistant MGIP/14/2044
  • Business Development Executive MGIP/14/2035

Get more information on the Manchester Graduate Internship Programme and don’t forget to join their Facebook page

Please note that although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this information Careerslink is a live system and vacancies may have expired when you come to view them.

This is in no way a comprehensive list – login to search for yourself!



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