Graduation – what next?

It’s almost upon us… the time when you’ll be collecting your gown, having copious photos taken and receiving your degree certificate. Hopefully the sun will be shining and you’ll be celebrating your success in with a cool glass of Pimms (other refreshing beverages are available) in sunny Manchester!

Once the lovely glow of graduation has faded, what will you be doing next?

Get a career supporter
Get a career supporter

If you aren’t sure what you’ll be doing next or are just starting to look for a job, you might want to join our Transitions mentoring programme.  It’s exclusively for graduates who have completed an undergraduate degree at Manchester and are graduating this year. You’ll be matched with a mentor who will be your ‘careers supporter’ and support you over the next six months. The supporters all have degrees so hopefully they will have been in your shoes at some point and will be able to empathise and help you as you are looking for work or to get into further study. We’ve got lots of supporters signed up to take part and if you’re interested, there’s still time to apply.

You can find full details of the programme and the application form on the Transitions website. It won’t take too long so you’ll be able to fit it in around watching the World Cup and Wimbledon! We only need some basic details and the answer to the question about what you’d like support with.  Be quick as the deadline is Monday 7 July 2014.

If you don’t want to commit to the Transitions programme, there are still loads of ways you can keep in touch with Careers and use the services we provide. You can access the Careers Service for two years after graduation and if you want to work in the Manchester area, the Manchester Graduate Internship Programme is open for 2014 graduates and jobs are coming in all the time.

Hope you have a great time at your graduation!


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