Last minute internships

iStock_000014889492SmallWoman with alarm clock Are you still looking for an internship for this summer? Unsure where there are opportunities? Here are a few tips and strategies to help you find some work experience or an internship.

There are still opportunities available including in Manchester as well as other places.

Always keep checking CareersLink as your first starting point as a University of Manchester student. There are still options available not to be missed!

Here are a few points to consider with your current  job search:

How are you searching for work experience?

  • Where are you looking? How many different sources are you checking to find jobs?

**For example, local/national job websites, local newspapers, social media, CareersLink, friends and family etc

  • If you discover one source, then are you checking all similar sources?

**For example, if you are looking for work experience in a school, are you checking all the schools in your area for possible work experience.

  • Are you looking where jobs are advertised for the industry area that interests you?

**Check out our Which Career? Section which gives key information and links for different industries including industry related journals, professional organisations and specialist recruitment agencies.

  • Have you researched companies of interest and thought of applying speculatively?

**Check out our Covering Letter guide for advice on making speculative applications.

  • Do you know anybody that may know of any available opportunities this summer? Do they work or know someone who works in a company or role that interests you?

**Check out our Getting Connected guide for ideas on approaching people for possible work.

  • Would you consider work shadowing or volunteering in the job that interests you for a short time? This could be combined alongside another summer job to support yourself.

**Gaining insight and experience through work shadowing and volunteering can still look good on your CV as it shows your commitment to the role.

**Your experience may also provide you with the opportunity to develop contacts with people for further paid work experience or jobs  in the future.

**Check out our Get experience and skills section for more ideas on gaining more skills and experience.

How are you applying for jobs?

  • Are you tailoring your CV or application to the skills and experience needed for the job?
  • Tailoring your CV or application will give it focus, shows your effort to give attention to the detail including how your skills and experience match the job criteria.
  • Tailoring make it easier for the employer to find the skills and experience quickly

**Check out our CV, Cover Letter and Application Form guides for more detailed advice.

  • Are you being clear and consistent in formatting your CV? Is it easy to scan through and find information?
  • Are you under selling your skills and making statements without providing evidence of how you demonstrated the skill?
  • Are you being succinct in your writing style or including unnecessary information? Check out the CAR principle in our Application Form guide.
  • Are you giving yourself enough time to complete the application or CV without rushing it?
  • Are you using the support available to check the application’s content and tailoring?

**We offer a checking service through our Applications Advice appointments . If you are outside of Manchester, find out about our Help by Email.

  • Are you giving attention to presentation, formatting checking spelling, grammar and asking a friend to proof read it?


Are you prepared to be flexible and consider other options?

  • Look more broadly in your area of interest. Is there any related work experience?

**For example, if you want to be an investment banker or accountant, would you consider other finance related roles?

  • Have you considered smaller or less well-known companies that could offer you work in what you want to do?
  • Are you willing to travel further or go away to a new location for your work experience?

**Check if you have any family or friends in other locations in the country to stay with while on your internship.

  • Would you consider work experience outside your area of interest that would still allow you to develop skills that you need for your career?

**All roles develop your skills and experience and in most part can be transferable to demonstrate your skills to employers for other roles.

**Check out our website for information on Employability Skills and how to develop them. It may help you think about work experience differently.

**Perhaps there are internships and work experience that would develop some of the skills for the job you want but in an area you have never considered?

If you need to have any further advice and support, then contact the Careers Service or look at the Careers Service website so that we can be of help. We are open throughout the summer vacation.

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