Pathways: The Programme is announced …

It’s almost upon us – our annual PhD career options event, Pathways 2014 takes place on Friday 6th June, in the Renold Building (register on C floor concourse).

It’s free, and open to all University of Manchester current PhDs and research staff.

The event gives you the chance to hear from people who’ve already got their PhDs, and in many cases have been post-docs, and find out what happened next.

Late addition: Antonieta Podesta Mevius, a recruiter from the World Bank, is coming to Pathways, and wants to talk to PhDs about their Young Professionals Programme.
Meet her on the concourse or at our employer panel in the afternoon.

renoldpathwaysconcourseWhy attend?

Panellists include academics, people who use their research background outside academia and people who are now doing something slightly – or completely – different.

They’ve all got real life stories to tell about what worked, why they chose their path or what they would do differently if they could go back in time.

Most importantly, they can give you an insight into how PhDs like you negotiate the tricky transition from research student to whatever comes next.

What happens when?

The event runs from 9-4pm but you can attend for as much (or as little) of it as you want. If you haven’t yet registered, please register here (so we know how many lunches to cater for!)

The 9am plenary sets the scene and then you’ve got some time to read the profiles and figure out which sessions to go to, as they start at 10am sharp.

The programme is always fluid until the last minute, as we continue to add panellists and shuffle things around, but it looks like we’re sorted now so here’s the panel timetable to download (pdf)

What will the sessions cover?

We’ve learnt that our PhDs get most out of sessions which address a theme, rather than details about a specific job, so there should be something for everyone, whether or not your preferred job or specific research discipline is represented:

Academic roles for…..
Our panels comprise those who’ve pursued their careers within an academic context including those who have research roles and teaching positions, at all stages of progression.
Sessions for each faculty

Broadening your horizons – working overseas
Panellists will talk about their experiences of pursuing careers in different countries, working cultures/environments and the advantages and disadvantages in comparison with working in the UK.
Relevant to all disciplines

Commercialising research, entrepreneurship or starting a business
If you already have a business idea or simply an entrepreneurial spirit and want to find out more, this panel will discuss the processes and advantages of turning your research into something profitable.
Relevant to Engineering & Physical Sciences; Medical & Human Sciences

I’ve been a postdoc – here’s my story
Our panel will talk about their experiences of working in Postdoctoral roles – the highs and the lows.
Relevant to all disciplines

I’ve done things that aren’t related to my PhD – so can you
Whether they planned to or simply have found themselves taking a ‘scenic’ career path, our panellists will talk about the positions they have held which are not related to their specific discipline of study.  A session for anyone who wants to change direction or simply wishes to find out what’s possible with any PhD.
Relevant to all disciplines

It’s OK to change your mind
Very few people have a job for life these days. Moving between organisations, roles and sectors is increasingly common. It is possible to change your mind no matter where you are on your career journey. If you’re feeling trapped, confused about where to go next or just want to see what’s possible, come and listen to the positive stories our panel has to share about trying new things.
Relevant to all disciplines

Managing a Portfolio Career
Portfolio Careers are becoming increasingly popular –  where a normal working week comprises balancing a variety of part-time roles, sometimes related and sometimes completely different. Our panel will discuss how to forge a Portfolio Career which could enable you to pursue a variety of passions, use a range of skills and gain expertise in multiple areas.  They will also consider how they manage their time and how they switch between roles.
Relevant to all disciplines

Should I stay or should I go? Options for international students who wish to work in the UK after their studies
Our panellists have all chosen to remain in the UK since finishing their PhDs. They will talk about the challenges, the opportunities and compare what working in the UK is really like.
Relevant to all disciplines

What are the opportunities to use my expertise to work as a Consultant?
With enhanced skills and knowledge in a specific field, there will be many opportunities available to you to work as a Consultant in the future.  Our panel will discuss the various Consultancy-related roles they have undertaken.
Relevant to all disciplines

What can I do with a PhD in Humanities/Engineering & Physical, Human, Life or Medical Sciences? More things you can do with a PhD in Engineering & Physical Sciences
We’ve brought together panellists who are connected by discipline area (EPS/Humanities/MHS/LS) but who’ve followed a range of different career pathways to give you just a flavour of the options available to you.

What do recruiters and employers look for in PhD applicants?
From CVs and applications through to job interviews, what are recruiters looking for when they are assessing PhD candidates?  We have invited panellists with lots of collective experience of hiring PhDs who can give honest insights and share their tips and advice on how you can stand out from other applicants.
Relevant to all disciplines

Which is better – industry or academia?
Our panels will compare and contrast their experiences of working inside and outside Universitie. Which have they enjoyed more? What are the benefits that each can offer? How have they moved between the two areas?  Relevant to all disciplines

You don’t have to be an academic to work in a university
Enjoy being part of a University environment but not sure you want to pursue an academic, research or teaching career?  Have you ever thought about the wide range of non-academic jobs within universities?  Come along and find out more.
Relevant to all disciplines

You don’t just have to work in academia to be a researcher
What are the opportunities to continue a research career outside Universities?  How do these roles differ? Where do you find them and how do you get them?
Relevant to all disciplines

Marketing your skills and your PhD
Our final panel event – showing you how to go out and get all those roles which have grabbed your attention throughout the day.
Relevant to all disciplines

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