Interview preparation

You have been invited to interview, at this stage its all to play for. The recruiter thinks you can do the job on the merits of your application, now its down to you to prove you can do it better than the other candidates.

Make a good first impression interview queue

  • Dress appropriately – YES A SUIT!
    It doesn’t matter how informal the dress code is on the job, you are there to impress.  Think about how your boss would dress if they were going to an important business meeting. Read this article!
  • Be nice to receptionists and any staff you meet along the way. You will be judged!
  • Be early – 15 mins early is the new on time!
  • Smile when you enter the room.
  • Shake hands if offered (it’s not appropriate in all cultures but its a fairly standard business greeting still)

How  much should I say?

There is a fine line between not saying enough for the recruiter to get an impression of you and becoming too informal.

A good interview is like a conversation and many interviewers will encourage you to relax by being less formal as the interview goes on.  Just be aware this is not a chat with your mates down the pub, so it’s not the right time for gossip, jokes or anecdotes.  Keep on topic and try to retain some structure and direction to your conversation.  Remember:  CAR Context Action Result.

How much do I need to prepare?

You will have done some preparation for your application.  Review the application you made and consider…

Can I answer the following:

  • Why do I want to work for this organisation?
  • Why do I want this particular role?
  • Do I know what this organisation does, makes, sells (and how they do it)?
  • Do I know who or where they aim their services, products at?
  • Do I know what they think their unique selling point is?  And what do I think it is!
  • Do I know what skills or attributes or experience they are looking for?
  • Do I have examples I can talk about that illustrate those skills or attributes?
  • Have I got questions I want to ask them?
  • Do I know exactly where the interview is taking place and how long it takes to get there!

For more advice on interviews :

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