Interested in international work experience?… why not try Asia?

Our students at Manchester are increasingly asking about international work experience opportunities or other ways to develop their “global mindset” ( a quality increasingly sought by graduate employers).  If you missed the recent Experience Asia event at The University recently, there is still time to find out about some of the excellent funded internship,  study and travel programmes available that were promoted on the day.

Here is a brief summary, put together by  a representative from Intern China: Intern China Stand

What’s available:

Some of the most popular opportunities to work, study, intern and travel in Asia, include funded opportunities such as

-the British Council’s Generation UK campaign – offering funded internships across China through Intern China and CRCC Asia.

– the Study China Programme which is run by The University of Manchester’s Confucius Institute and has been a popular option for University of Manchester students in recent years.

– the JET programme – for Japanese teaching and exchange opportunities.

There are also lots of opportunities to explore with AIESEC, INTO China and i-to-i for teaching, TEFL and experience opportunities.  You can also explore working holiday visas for countries such as Singapore through Contact Singapore.

A spotlight on Intern China:

InternChina has placed several UoM students on internship, study and homestay programmes. After establishing our UK office in Manchester last year, we have actively strengthened our links at the university and are looking forward to welcoming many more UoM students to China in years to come. In previous years Intern China provided opportunities for the Study China programme too.

InternChina also places an increasing number of graduates with jobs in China. Many of these are alumni from our internship programmes, such as a former UoM engineering student, Shan Ngan, who is now living and working for a British Manufacturing company in Zhuhai after originally being placed there by InternChina.

One UoM student and InternChina alumni, Haider Khokhar, said the following in his reference following his internship: “From the very first day I was expected to perform like any other member of the team and felt very welcome. It was a huge learning experience to actually put into practice things you learn in academia… This experience also helped me to attain a summer internship to work on a research project at the University of Manchester which further helped to increase my employability. I have also been approached by companies who want to hire me as a direct result of working for a Chinese-based British company.”

If you want to join those going to China this summer in Qingdao, Zhuhai or Chengdu, join the adventure    Alternatively connect with them at:, @internchina and @jamiebettles

Both InternChina and the University of Manchester hope to repeat the Experience Asia event in 2015.

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