Finalists there’s still time to get a graduate job this year!

It’s nearly easter and then the exams will be upon us and OMG it’s summer already!

If you have not yet secured a job after you graduate you need to use your time effectively, no time for napping!

snoozy catThere are jobs available, so don’t go sticking your head in the sand…

  1. Graduate schemes plus jobs in small companies are still available on CareersLink and other job sites right now!
  2. Some jobs haven’t even been advertised yet so dont give up and decide there is nothing you are interested in.
    1. Graduate internships – will start being advertised April / May
    2. The Graduate recruitment fair in June is a great place to land a graduate job as the companies fill the last places for this year. List of this years exhibitors will come out 1st May!)
    3. Small businesses tend to have more immediate needs so recruit when they need staff.

Your to do list…

  1. Establish what types of jobs you are interested in.
  2. You may need a guidance appointment to help solidify your ideas. Book it now.
  3. Find out where the jobs are advertised.
  4. Work out what skills the employers are looking for.
  5. Get help with your applications.
  6. Brush up your interview technique.
  7. Watch out for events for finalists on CareersLink taking place on the days before the graduate fair.  We are currently making the arrangements and will be advertising them soon.

Asking for help isn’t weak or geeky, just do it!  Pick up the phone or pop in.

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