Mentoring – still time to apply!

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mentoring-blogpicHave you thought about having a careers mentor? Would you like to ask questions to someone who works in a sector you’d like to know more about or in your dream job? Then our mentoring programme, Manchester Gold, could be what you are looking for. Our mentors work in a variety of sectors both in the UK and overseas and the majority of them graduated from The University of Manchester.

Applications for this semester’s programme close tomorrow Wednesday 26 February 2014 at 5pm. Don’t worry if you’ve not applied yet, there’s still time as it’s quite a simple application process via your CareersLink account. There’s only one question that you need to answer about why you want to take part so it shouldn’t take too long!

You can see lists of the mentors taking part in the programme this semester on the ‘How to apply’ section of our website.  You can choose to include the id numbers of mentors that are of particular interest to you in your application, but we can’t guarantee to match you with your chosen mentor.

If you’d like to take part this semester, then you’d best get your application into the system soon! There’s just over 24 hours to go…

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