International mentors available to help you make things happen

A great way to get your career moving in the right direction is to get a mentor. Our mentoring programme puts you in touch with someone for a 6 month period who you can ask questions of, talk to about your career decisions and plans or use for inspiration. They may be working in a career area of that you are interested in / may have had similar experiences to you or they may just be someone inspirational and passionate about helping others. It is popular with our international students and can help you to manage your expectations, seek opportunities and make things happen.  Our international students can apply for a UK based mentor, but there are also mentors available now working across the world – many are our international alumni who have studied in the UK and then moved home  / internationally. They can be invaluable if you are looking to return home or explore working in another country after graduation.

To see the list of internationally based mentors on our Spring round of The Manchester Gold Mentoring Programme please see our attached document:Manchester Gold Mentors Spring 2014

You can find the full listing of mentors, their roles and employers and how to apply on the Mentoring webpages –   But be quick – apply by Wed. 26th February. To make a good application, please include information about why you would like a mentor and what kind of mentor you would find helpful (incl. career area / mentors from the list).

International mentees from China

One response to “International mentors available to help you make things happen”

  1. Who said you are bound to fail? If these international mentors are there, I think failing will become a myth. It is so good to know that someone like them are ready to help you make things happen.

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