Graduate work experience opportunities

The keys of successThis week news reached Careers HQ about the step programme 2014.  Step offer paid work experience for undergraduates as well as internships for those who have graduated.  This got me thinking about the other work experience opportunities open to graduates and I’ve produced a list of the schemes and opportunities that I could find. Hopefully these opportunities will be the key to your future career!

Internship Schemes

All of these internship opportunities are open to graduates of any institution. For some it won’t matter where you are living but other opportunities are only open to graduates living in that region.

Step Programme the programme offer graduate internships lasting between 6 and 12 months. A wide range of opportunities are currently being adversited on the site ranging from web development to finance and marketing to engineering.  

Graduate Talent Pool The talent pool is a government scheme which matches graduates with internship opportunities. There are currently 208 paid opportunities on the site. When looking for opportunities you can select your preferred sector, geographical location and duration.  Also remember to search for paid opportunities as a small number advertised on the site are unpaid. This can be done when selecting your criteria.

Graduate Internships Keele Brought to you by the University of Keele these opportunities aim to give graduates the opportunity to work with local businesses. There are close to 20 internships currently being advertised in a range of areas including the environmental, IT and business sectors.

Graduate Business Partnership A number of internship opportunities are being advertised by the University of Exeter to graduates living in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset. Current opportunities are related to education and sales. If you are living in the area you may want to sign up for their vacancy bulletin.

Graduate Internships East AngliaThis programme is designed to help grads up to five years after they graduate. Internships are based in East Anglian companies lasting up to 12 weeks. Both full-time and part-time opportunities are available to suit individual circumstances.

Other programmes Programmes such as GO Wales and Grad Start Bangor aim to give you as graduates the employability skills you need to get ahead in the job market.

Further information

More information on about graduate opportunities can be found on our schemes and help nationwide page. You may also find the information on the Target Jobs and Prospects sites.

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