Find a job. Get started now before it’s too late

Make things happenFebruary is a great time for getting started (or restarted) looking for graduate jobs, internships and other work experience.   By Easter you will be worrying about coursework and exam revision so do it now, and get it over with.

Take just one action today, to get the ball rolling!

Where do I start?

Come and chat to us in the Atrium or at MyFutureFest or if you prefer to fly solo try these resources online:

What are you looking to do next?

What kind of job can I do?

  • Like quizes?  Try Prospects planner to see what jobs you might be suited too.  It can be interesting to see where your likes and dislikes might lead you.
  • Explore different sectors and industies to see what jobs are available and how to get in.
  • Still feeling lost, make a list of things you want in a job and don’t want in a job and share it with us. It probably makes more sense than you think!

How do I get ready for the job market?

It’s never too late, but leaving everything till June can make it a bit of a rush and can limit your options.

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