Vacancies by Region

Since graduating some of you may have stayed in Manchester, move backed to your home town or relocated somewhere entirely different in the UK or abroad. Wherever you call home you can use Careerslink to find vacancies. I’ve spent a bit of time this week looking at regional and worldwide full-time vacancies currently being advertised on the system. As it stands at the moment there area 630 full-time vacancies you can apply to.

UK 518 of the full-time vacancies listed are based in the UK.

England There are regional variations in the number of jobs and types of jobs advertised. I’ve picked out a few areas of interest.


  • A total of 218 full-time vacancies are currently being advertised in the region.
  • Popular sectors in the area include:
    • Information Technology
    • Advertising , Marketing and PR,
    • Engineering,  Manufacturing & Processing
    • Health and Social Care
    • Finance


  • 142 opportunities in the capital are being advertised on Careerslink
  • Popular sectors in the area include:
    •  Finance
    • Human Resources & Recruitment
    • Information Technology
    • Management Consultancy
    • Retail, Sales and Buying

South East- (Excluding London)

  • Careerslink is currently advertising 59 vacancies in this region.
  • The majority of these vacancies were in these sectors
    • Engineering, Manufacturing, Processing,
    •  Education,
    • Finance
    • Information Technology

Yorkshire & Humber

  • 25 vacancies are currently live on the system.
  • This region is looking for people to work in
    • Information Technology,
    • Advertising Marketing & PR
    • Engineering, Manufacturing& Processing

Other Home Nations

  • Vacancies in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are also advertised on Careerslink. In total there are currently 13 being advertised.
  • A number of these vacancies are IT related.

Various Regions

  • 198 of the UK jobs advertised on Careerslink have positions available in a number of different regions.
  • Multi-region vacancies tend to  be in these sectors ;
    • Civil Engineering, Construction & Property
    • Finance
    • Education
    • Management consultancy

Other Universities and institutions around the UK sometimes offer extra assistance regardless of where you originally studied. Check out our ‘Schemes and Help Nationwide’ page for more information.globe-showing-the-middle-east-africa-and-asia-cartesiaphotodisc

Worldwide In total 59 international vacancies are currently being advertised on Careerslink across Europe, Asia, Middle East, North America and South & Central America. Opportunities in these countries are varied.

If you are looking for work overseas you can use Going Global (accessible through Careerslink) to access a range of country profiles as well as job postings for over 55 countries. You may also find our country pages useful.

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