Destination of Leavers from Higher Education Survey

Each year UK Universities are legally required to collect information about recent graduates through what’s known as the Destination of Leavers from Higher Education survey, or the DLHE survey for short. DLHE

If you graduated between the 1st January and the 31st July 2013 we will shortly be asking you to fill out your DLHE survey and let us know what you are up to now, be that in employment, doing another degree, traveling or job hunting.

Completing the DLHE survey is very important to us. Results from this survey are used to position the University in league tables and to enable the Careers Service to help prospective/ current students make career choices and improve their employability

We would greatly appreciate if you could take some time to fill out the online form here or the postal survey which will be sent to you shortly.

More information on the DLHE survey can be found on our website as well as details on what happens to the data you provide.

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