Post reading week – it’s not too late to start applying for jobs

Start new jobTime is ticking and soon you will have assignment deadlines and Christmas shopping to worry about.  So it’s time to prioritise what you want to achieve this year.

One of the things on your to do list really should be getting experience or finding a job, the sooner you start the better chance you have so don’t delay.

First be clear what you are looking for and why.
It will save you from wasting time looking at everything at once. Talk to the Information team for some tips on getting started.

Part time jobs

I’ve just looked in CareersLink and there are 101 part-time jobs there so there are plenty to go at.
Getting a part-time job, even something casual can be a great step towards improving your employment prospects, it will also help you work out what you like and dislike in a job so you can make informed decisions later.
Check out our advice for finding part-time work.

It’s also not to late to start volunteering or join a society and get involved.

Christmas jobs

Yes ’tis the season to make money! Many companies are advertising now, but they might not advertise very widely.  So think about which types of organisations will need Christmas staff.  Retail, bars, restaurants, other hospitality etc. Go and look on their websites or ask in store.

Summer jobs, placements & internships

Firstly all these words can be descriptions of the same type of work or they can be distinctly different – the definitions are a bit blurry! You are going to have to read the description carefully when you find one you like the sound of.

Some of these will already have been advertised and may be closing soon so check now.  Shorter summer placements, insight days or summer jobs may be advertised at almost any time so keep looking.

Jobs for after you graduate

830 full time jobs currently listed on CareersLink and some of those will be recruiting for hundreds of staff.

  • Graduate schemes often open in summer but can close as early as Autumn – see our chart. These employers are typically recruiting large numbers so they need a long time to process all the applicants.
  • Most graduates get jobs outside the graduate scheme, an employer may be recruiting just one staff member so they can do this at any time. You need to be constantly on the look out.
  • Graduate internships – not as common as we would like, but for those looking to stay in the NorthWest MGIP is a good option.  Vacancies often start coming through in late spring for a summer start.

That’s a lot of stuff you could be doing, and other students are doing it. To be competitive in the job market so should you.

How many jobs should you apply to in your first round of applications?

5-10 is probably a good start. (there isn’t really a typical of number of applications people make before finding a job, it depends on the type of work you are looking for)

Don’t think you can get away with sending them all the same CV though.  Check out our advice and use our Applications advice service before you submit your first application.  A smaller number of targetted applications will be more effective in the long run.

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