Part-time work in Manchester – for language speakers (and football fans!)

I am very excited to say that I have been in contact with Manchester City Football Club and can announce that they have some job vacancies at the club for fluent language speakers. This post will involve translating the latest news and developments about Manchester City Football Club for their international websites/ social media streaming around the world. The hours are flexible – as it will involve covering when colleagues are not online – so could be ideal for our international students. Find out more below:

Translators – Manchester City Football Club

As part of this organisation’s global digital expansion,MCFC are looking to hire different translators on casual contracts to translate written and spoken material. They will be populating this content across all the Club’s digital channels (regional websites / social networks, etc).

MCFC are looking for translators for each of the following languages:mcfc
Chinese Mandarin
Chinese Traditional Hong Kong

Key tasks will include:
* Listening to, understanding and translating content from English to the appropriate language (either: Chinese Mandarin/ Chinese Traditional Hong Kong / Korean/ Spanish/ Japanese/ Indonesian/ Malaysian/ Thai/ Portuguese/ French/ Russian).
* Ensuring language is within cultural context – at times it will be required to re-write articles
* Conveying the original meaning (content and style) of the original onto the target language, making minor editorial modifications where required.
* Adhering to the company’s tone of voice and branding guidelines.

The successful candidate will be fluent (both written and spoken) in the targeted country language, will understand regional sports terminology and have knowledge of digital space, social media, etc.
The hours are flexible for this vacancy.

Please submit your application including your CV and an example of your translation to

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