Graduate jobs & internships with Youngs China Investment Co. Ltd – for Chinese /English fluent students

Following on from the China Recruitment Fair on Saturday, 26th October, I wanted to share details of one of the firms’ job vacancies for anyone who was unable to attend. Youngs China Investment Co. Ltd are a growing firm based in China Town and in Salford who have a number of positions for students/ graduates – some are available to start part-time during study or as an internship… others for graduate entry roles. Youngs are on the Sponsor Register – so can sponsor visas for the UK and are positive about hiring international talent. As Youngs operate with China, however, Chinese language fluency (combined with strong English language skills and an understanding of UK /Western culture) is preferred.

Find out more about their vacancies and how to apply here:  YOUNGS INVESTMENT

Applications via CV and covering letter can be sent to:

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