Finding a job for postgrads

“How to find a job” is a hot topic at the moment, with employers popping up all over campus and at careers events, so I’ve put my “Finding a job” talks for Masters and PhDs online.

Even if you couldn’t make it to the talks in person, you can now see, and hear, what I said with the slidecasts below. You can also ask questions through this blog – just add your question as a comment on this post.

How a slidecast works
slidecastYou can see the PowerPoint presentations below, and you have the option of just clicking through the slides using the arrows, if that’s all you want. Alternatively, pressing the large arrow lets you play the audio soundtrack, either for the whole presentation, or just the slides which interest you.

You’ll see that lots of my slides are either graphs or data, or just a few bullet points, so a lot of the real content (and the inside info, tips and insight into what’s really happening in the job market) is in the audio commentary.

Where there’s lots more info on the postgrad careers website, or the general careers website, I’ve put links in the presentations. These should be clickable.

I’ve split my recent talks into 3 presentations.

The Job Market for Masters


The Job Market for PhDs

Just to point out – this isn’t quite as long as it looks! Towards the start of this presentation are 5 slides plus commentary, one for each large discipline area (biomedical sciences, biological sciences, physical sciences & engineering, arts & humanities, social sciences) on the destinations of PhDs. Obviously, I’d suggest only focusing on the slide which covers your area.


Finding a Job – Job Search Strategies for Postgraduates

This includes how postgrads find jobs, how to find job adverts, using agencies and how to find jobs which are never advertised. It also covers how to get further help and support. For most of the presentation, I’ve combined both Masters and PhDs, but the first couple of slides show how Masters find jobs, and how PhDs find jobs separately. The commentary is the same for each slide, so just focus on the one which is relevant to you and skip over the other

This presentation has quite a lot of links in it which should be clickable – it makes a lot more sense to point you towards our postgrad or general careers resources with further active links if you need them.


Where can I find these presentations in future?
These presentations, along with presentations on CVs, covering letters, applications, interviews and assessment centres for postgrads, are on the postgrad careers website, on my Slideshare page, and will be on our online talks for postgrads page on this blog shortly.

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